【ONLY RM20!!!】Colorful High Friction Silicone Wheels Plastic Rim( Best for Arduino Sumo Robot)

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NEW GEN Colorful High Friction Silicone Wheels With Plastic Rim

Material: A15

Shore: A15

Rim: Plastic

Rim Width: 26mm

Rim Diameter: 52mm

Promotion Price : RM 20 per pair

This is Xenix Robotics HAND-MADE silicon wheel crafted for sumo robots.
The FINISHING of the wheel may not as perfect as the factory made , the high-density silicon is able to provide exceptional friction between your robot and the ground surface. It is an ideal wheel for 1kg & 3kg sumo robots.

The wheel doesn't come with hex coupling.
Typically, you need to go for the 6mm or 8mm hex coupling to fit with your motor's shaft. Please note that you need to purchase the hex coupling separately.

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