Mecanum Wheel for Omni-Directional Motor Smart Car Mobile Car 48mm 60mm 80mm

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The Mecanum wheel is based on a tireless wheel, with a series of rubberized external rollers obliquely attached to the whole circumference of its rim

These rollers typically each have an axis of rotation at 45° to the wheel plane and at 45° to the axle line.

Each Mecanum wheel is an independent non-steering drive wheel with its own power-train, and when spinning generates a propelling force perpendicular to the roller axle, which can be vectored into a longitudinal and a transverse component in relation to the vehicle. 

  • 3 size available 

  • 2 types of coupling 

  • 9 roller each wheel

To build an Omni-Directional robot you will need 4 Mecanum Wheels

Package included: 2 x mecanum wheel 



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