Cytron MDDS60 Dual Channel Motor Driver 60Amp 7V-45V SmartDrive DC Motor Driver (2 Channels) For Arduino Sumo Robot

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  • DC Brush motor Driver, not for brushless motor

  • Input Voltage (Motor): 7 - 45VDC

  • Single power operation, just connect power to battery input.

  • Dual Channels, it can drives two brush DC motor 

  • Regenerative Braking.

  • Operating modes: RC (RC servo signal), Analog, PWM, simplified and packetized UART.

  • Support Signed magnitude and Locked Anti-phase in PWM mode.

  • Top cover comes with two DC brushless fans to cool the driver.

  • Two manual/test buttons for each channel.

  • Two output indicator LEDs for each channel.

  • Power, Error indicator, RUN status (Left and Right) LEDs

  • On board reset button to restart the MCU after changing operation mode.

  • Temperature feedback for current limit and prevent overheating of MOSFET.

  • Support up to 60A continuous current at room temperature.

  • Support up to 100A peak for 1 second. Current will be limited as temperature raises.

  • Suitable for combat or sumo robot.

  • 16KHz switching frequency for quiet operation.

  • On board switching voltage regulator for higher power efficiency.

  • Battery low voltage monitoring mode.

  • We have tried this driver with single power window motor at 24V, full load without smoke coming out :)

  • NO polarity protection, please double check the power input connection.

  • Do use proper cable/wire for the battery and load, thin/normal cable/wire will melt and burn.

  • Dimension: ~190mm x 121mm x 45mm.


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