[BEST] Cybot Fighting Humanoid Robot Educational High Performance Humanoid Robot

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Learning humanoid from coding & Programming

Advance logical thinking skill

Assembling skill 

Troubleshooting skills 

The world class fighting humanoid robot

Malaysia First fighting humanoid 

To order these humanoid, we need at least 3 weeks to assemble 

Packaging :

vAluminium & Carbon Fibre  Body Structure Frame

v45kg.cm High Performance programmable Servos 

vArduino Base board PCB-X1

vUltrasonic & infrared Sensors 

v11.1v 1300mAh LiPo Battery 

vLiPo Battery Charger 

vPS4 Remote Controller 

vUSB downloader cable

Specification :

vHeight : 45cm

vWeight : 2800g

vServo : 16pcs

vCompatible with Arduino 

vProfessional Motion Editor 

vGraphical Programming

vOperation Environment : 

 Win10 & MAC OS

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