About Us

We are a provider of STEAM Education in Malaysia with expertise in Scratch Block Coding, Arduino and Python Programming. We are also specialist in Sumo and Humanoid Robot with more than 8 years of experience in this field.
Our Company’s mission is to provide STEAM Education to students with the most PRACTICAL AND FUN learning in :
a)  Software Programming
b) To control Electrical Power  
c) To control Mechanical Power  

Our History
Xenix Robotics started in the year 2013 as a partnership and currently we have evolved to Xenix Robotics (M) Sdn Bhd as we take on greater challenge in STEAM Education. Xenix Robotics is one of the leading STEAM Education providers in Malaysia. 

What We Do?

• We specialize in providing STEAM Education kits to all levels of school children from primary to secondary schools in Malaysia.
• Our primary teaching syllabus Xenix:Micro consists of Micro-Bit, Arduino and Python programming languages tailored specifically to new students age 7 and above.
• Innovative Research and Development in Sumo Robots and Humanoid Robots.
• Event Planning and Organising.
• 3D Data Drawing in designing Sumo and Humanoid Robots.
• We provide hands on practical knowledge on electrical components, DC motor and basic physic understanding on electric.
• We design and build Sumo and Humanoid Robots together with students which will ultimately be use for competition purposes.


• We are NOT employing the PLUG and PLAY concept commonly found in the market. 

• Our students learn programming concurrently with the understanding of how electricity is converted into mechanical power through the understanding of the utilization of each electrical and mechanical component in building, designing and the assembling of a Sumo or Humanoid Robot.

• With proper understanding on the ELECTRICAL and MECHANICAL components, students will be able to PROGRAM the Sumo/Humanoid Robot with great efficiency and effectiveness. 

• Our Xenix:Micro syllabus and concept will enable the Students to understand the PRACTICAL relationship between Software Programming, Electrical and the Mechanical components. 

• Our students actively participate in local Sumo and Humanoid Robots competition as this is the platform for them to test their extent of knowledge and understanding of what they have learn. 

• Our learning concept is the most effective by utilizing both the Bottom Up and Top Down approach.