FAQ about Xenix Robotics (M) Sdn Bhd

  1. What is our Mission and Objective?

  • To enable EVERYBODY, students or otherwise, from 6 years and above to learn programming in the most economical and most practical with the GREATEST IMPACT by employing our EMP open source concept.

  • Learn Electrical, Mechanical and Programming (EMP) concurrently

  • How EMP? Open Source Programming + Sumo / Humanoid Robot


  1. Name : Xenix Robotics meaning?

Software + Electrical + Mechanical (Programming to control DC Motors - Robotics)


Method :-

  1. MicroBit / Arduino / Python

  2. Basic understanding of physic in electric / what is electric? Electro-Magnetic?

  3. Traditional way of learning is on converting electrical power into mechanical power and mechanical power into electrical power. Modern way – through programming! (Automation)

  4. Mechanical Power = AC/DC Motor (Foundation for Robotics and Automation)

  5. XR use only DC Motor for practical and safety reason

  6. Xenix Robotics focus is not only on programming. XR learning incorporates programming to control electrical power and mechanical power = Robotics


  1. What do Xenix Robotics offer? Road Map?

  2. Micro:Xenix àSTEAM I – IV Syllabus to achieve our mission and objective


  1. Why Sumo Robot / Humanoid Robot?

  • It incorporates ALL the necessary elements of the EMP learning process.

  • Sumo Robot / Humanoid Robot are the most organised and recognised STEAM events in Malaysia endorsed by the Ministry of Education. Not only in Malaysia, ALL South East Asia country as well.


  1. Why STEAM not STEM?

  • We incorporate 3D Drawing (Design) in our add-on syllabus for advanced students to design their own Sumo Robot using 3D drawing. To achieve our STEAM education objective : A FULLY SELF DESIGNED AND ASSEMBLED SUMO ROBOT by a student :-


  1. 3D Drawing on Sumo Robot Design

  2. Programming

  3. Determine types of DC motors to use (spur/planetary/worm)

  4. Determine types of supporting hardware to use (RIM/Tyres/Blades)

  5. Determine types of electronic components to use (Motor driver / MCUs/Sensors)

  6. Actual soldering and electrical wiring of the Sumo Robot

  7. Assembling of Sumo Robots

  8. Testing and commissioning the Sumo Robot!

  9. Competition!


  1. Why MicroBit?

  • Launched in 2015 but only officially started in the UK in 2016.

  • Based on OPEN SOURCE concept and Block Coding for primary school children or beginners. Hardware cost is affordable. Teaching material is affordable. Availability and learning options is more diversified and supported by the open source community.


  1. Why still use Arduino and NOT fully into Python?

  • Arduino is based on C/C++ programming language

  • Arduino started in 2005 and the support community is very huge and it’s hugely popular in iOTs.

  • We incorporate Python as well, but primary programming language will be in Arduino due to the wide ability of support of hardware and software (Sample Codes).


  1. Xenix Robotics also includes :

  2. Basic Microsoft Word / Excel and Power Point learning.

  3. Students learn to do report writing based on project done in classes. Advance students needs to do presentation as well.


  1. What is Bottom Up / Top Down Approach?

  2. Bottom Up is the traditional forward learning method starting from the beginning until the conclusion. (Learn first, play later)

  3. Top Down learning (Play first learn later)

  4. Why use both method? To maintain students interest in learning EMP


  1. Why Xenix Robotics? Why we are different?

We are UNIQUE as we employ the unique EMP concept and we have more than 8 years specialising in Sumo and Humanoid Robots. We have won many championships as well. EMP is a FUN and the most entertaining PRACTICAL way to learn programming concurrently with electrical and mechanical knowledge.



  • We are NOT employing the PLUG and PLAY concept commonly found in the market.

  • Our students learn programming concurrently with the understanding of how electricity is converted into mechanical power through the understanding of the utilization of each electrical and mechanical component in building, designing and the assembling of a Sumo or Humanoid Robot.

  • With proper understanding on the ELECTRICAL and MECHANICAL components, students will be able to PROGRAM the Sumo/Humanoid Robot with great efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Our Xenix:Micro syllabus and concept will enable the Students to understand the PRACTICAL relationship between Software Programming, Electrical and the Mechanical components.

  • Our students actively participate in local Sumo and Humanoid Robots competition as this is the platform for them to test their extent of knowledge and understanding of what they have learn.

  • Our learning concept is the most effective by utilizing both the Bottom Up and Top Down approach.


  1. Why must learn Electrical and Mechanical knowledge as well?

You cannot effectively write a program effectively without a basic understanding of how electrical power and mechanical power behaves.





  • Xenix:Micro Education Kits (STEAM 1 – 4)

  • SUMO Robots 500gms

  • SUMO Robots 1kgs

  • SUMO Robots 3kgs

  • Humanoid Robots


  1. Who is our main Business Partner?

  • Our International Business Partner – Jsumo of Turkey

  • We also their official distributor in Malaysia

  • Jsumo is Internationally renowned specialist in SUMO Robot parts and design.