Super:bit expansion board for micro:bit (Micro:bit Foundation Educational STEM Learning Kit for Kids)

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  • Central axis design, bilateral symmetry.

  • Onboard content is rich, micro:bit socket, programmable RGB lights, buzzer, and support IIC, serial communication.

  • Power ability to drive DC motors, stepper motors, servos, onboard buzzer and programmable RGB lights.

  • 17 effective micro:bit IO ports, 10 alligator clip interfaces are reserved, and some Yahboom sensor modules can be connected.

  • Three power supply method: micro USB power supply, 18650 lithium battery power supply, 3-5v external battery box power supply.

  • 6. Compatible with LEGO bricks, can build a variety of creative shapes, such as building blocks robots, windmills, cars and so on.

  • 7. It means the BBC micro:bit can very easily become the core of a whole variety of robotics projects.SUPER-BIT(A).jpgSUPER-BIT(K).jpgSUPER-BIT(F).jpgSUPER-BIT(G).jpgSUPER-BIT(H).jpgSUPER-BIT(I).jpgSUPER-BIT(J).jpgSUPER-BIT(E).jpgSUPER-BIT(D).jpg

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