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Xenix Mirco FAQ

Xenix Micro is a STEAM (Science, Technology…..) Education, a specially formulated syllabus to cater for Malaysia students age 6 and above to learn programming using Microbit, Arduino IDE and Python. Unlike other STEAM Education, Xenix:Micro puts emphasis not just on the programming but also the intimate relationship with electronics and mechanical power (robotics).  

Micro:Bit is a programming environment created by BBC of UK in 2015 using Scratch Programming provided by Micro-Soft to enable young children to start learning programming at an early age whereas Xenix:Micro includes Micro:Bit, Arduino IDE and Python. Xenix:Micro encompasses a syllabus from Steam 1 -4 which will provide a learning stage from primary school to secondary school. Steam 1-4 will also form a solid foundation for a continuity of study for students into Universities as well.   

Yes, please enquiry us for more information.

No, student must join our course or our collaborator and Xenix:Micro will be made available to them.

Xenix:Micro will involve Scratch (MicroBit), Arduino IDE (C++) & Python.  

Xenix Robotics focus on Arduino IDE because the programming environment is very conducive in learning programming together with electronics and mechanical motor as the Arduino IDE has been around since 2005 focusing mainly on prototyping electronic project using MCUs and mechanical DC motor. The support community is hugely popular and widely available when compared to Python.     

  1. It’s very much dependent on student’s progress, but on the average, the progress will take around 18 to 24 months for Steam 1 & Steam 2 syllabus, However, the teaching duration can be adjusted to suit specific needs.   
  2. For Steam III and Steam IV, the basic learning duration will be approximately 24 to 36 months and may progress until Form 5 and continued well into University studies.   
  1. Xenix:Micro main focus is on Electronic, Mechanical and Programming (EMP) and IS NOT a purely PLUG & PLAY system (except for beginners class) but students will have to learn and understand basic electrical physic, basic mechanical engineering and its intimate relationship with programming. Students will ultimately be able to create a robotic project (all by himself) with the ability to identify types of hardware and electronic components to be use and have to do the actual wiring and assembling of the robotic project all by himself including programming.   
  2. The reason for our emphasis on EMP (which differentiate our syllabus from others) is that, without proper understanding of what electric and mechanical is all about, the learning skills on programming will be greatly reduced.  
  3. This is also the main reason why Xenix Robotics main focus is on Sumo Robot and Humanoid as this provides an excellent environment to learn EMP.  
  1. Student must prepare their own laptop as programming is involved in every class. 
  2. Xenix Robotics Will be teaching basic Microsoft Word, Excel & PowerPoint as well in the long term.  
  3. Basic Computer knowledge.  
  1. For Steam I & II, Xenix Robotics will organize an annual competition for all students  
  2. For Steam III & IV students, there will be lots of local competition endorsed by the Education Ministry that they can participate to test their EMP skills and knowledge.
  3. May also participate in International Competition: 
    1.  Micro:Bit International Competition  
    2.  WRG - World Robotic Games   

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